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Recessed Lights Could Be Costing Consumers on Their Energy Bill

recessed lightingsRecessed delights have become a hot trend in home design over the last decade or so. These are lights that are inset in such a way so that they provide light without the bulbs or holders being visible. It’s a very chic look that works great with modern house design, but it could be creating energy problems for some households.

When an HVAC service like air conditioning myrtle beach comes to a house to assess energy loss complaints and they see recessed lights, that is one of the first places they examine. They know from experience that recessed lights are usually placed in such a way that they encourage heat loss and drafts.
There is small opening in most recessed lights or where air can come and go as it pleases. Even those that are completely closed up have problems as well, as the layer between the ceiling and the roof or floor above must be made thinner to recess the lights. That can create gaps in the insulation and allow air to pass through as well. This creates an airflow problem that air conditioning in Myrtle Beach must deal with.
The HVAC specialist may be able to provide the necessary insulation for the recessed lights, but that can also be something a homeowner can do on their own. Still, it’s not a bad idea for them to call in an HVAC professional to assess their work and ensure that they are not losing any air out the recessed light fixture. While these lights can look very stylish and unique, they also come with their problems, and homeowners need to be aware of what those are.

An assessment by an experienced air conditioning Myrtle Beach expert or HVAC professional can help clear up any doubt a homeowner may have about their recessed lights. They should know for sure if they are experiencing any air loss through that space so that they can take care of the problem and start conserving energy. Even a small space like that can cost a homeowner lots of money over the year, and fixing it as soon as possible should be a priority.

How Birds Spread Disease

bird with finch eye diseaseWhen most people think about pests, they are picturing rats, insects, snakes and other creepy crawly things. They may not give any thought to birds and the trouble they can cause. However, while birds can be a nuisance when they crowd around eating establishments or leave their droppings on vehicles, they are also responsible for spreading disease, which many people don’t even realize.

Several types of birds are officially labeled as pests because of their ability to spread disease. They don’t tend to come in contact with people as much as other pests might, but they spread disease through what they leave behind. Their nests, feathers and feces can all be filled with pathogens, particularly in urban areas, where they are more likely to come into contact with people and bacteria.

This is why pigeons are considered pests in most urban areas. They crowd around businesses, leave their droppings everywhere and leave feathers behind that can come into contact with people and food. They may seem harmless, and their disease spreading certainly isn’t intentional, but it is serious and potentially life threatening.

This is why Greenville, SC pest control services recommend calling them in if there is a bird infestation. One or two birds might not be a problem, but if business owners have to deal with them on a regular basis or they leave their droppings near places where people are, it can be a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Controlling birds is a bit different from controlling other pests. It isn’t usually in the best interests of the pest control personnel or the property owners to just kill the birds. Instead, they need to be deterred, and that can mean making some changes to the architecture of the building or simply making food less accessible to them. It could also mean putting up netting or other obstacles where the birds like to roost.

By contacting a service like greenville sc pest control services, consumers can get the help they need in removing these pests and ensuring they don’t cause much more trouble. It may be impossible to make the birds stay away from the property, but it is certainly feasible to make coming onto premises or leaving their “presents” behind more difficult for them. That’s exactly what Greenville, SC pest control services are able to do.

Tips For DIY Flooring

hardwood flooring improves home resale valueDo It Yourself flooring installation can be a really fun project if you’ve the right materials, skills and tools for the type of floor you intend to install. The level of difficulty, effort and time that’s required to do a professional looking floor installation basically varies depending on the type of floor you choose, and your level of skill. Below are some tips for DIY flooring.

DIY Tips For Hardwood Flooring Installation

-Before you start your installation, make sure you have all the required materials and tools.
-When installing your hardwood flooring, make sure you carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions.
-Make sure the floor you are laying over is flat, dry, and clean.
-Put safety 1st; wear proper eye protection and have the appropriate shoes, .
-Take your time to accurately measure the surface you are working on.
-Choose the boards very carefully. Make sure you vary the board color, grain pattern, length, and save the favorite boards for the highly visible areas.
-Give the wood some extra time to adjust to the environment. Wood needs to be given time to acclimate to the space where it’ll be installed.
-Stop working if you’re feeling too tired or too fatigued, or if you are unable you concentrate.
-Exercise caution when you are using box cutters.
-Watch your fingers whenever you’re hammering something.
-When sanding, you should consider soaking the sheets in your bathtub, and then hang them in the doorways so as to prevent sanding dust from spreading through the whole house. You should also cover the vents.
-You can attach a dry/wet vacuum or canister vacuum so that you can effectively collect all the excess sanding dust.

Tips For DIY Flooring Maintenance

-Vacuum your floors at least once a week.
-Keep your floors dry. Water can ruin the finish on your hardwood floor and can even end up staining it.
-Dust you floors frequently; you can use a mop which has been properly treated with a good dusting agent, or you can use a disposable electrostatic cloth.
-Protect the high traffic zones with aesthetic area rugs.

Know The Warning Signs That An Appliance Needs Repaired

worker removes the facing of a clothes washing machine to start a repairMany times people ignore signs that their home appliances are in need of repair. There are also many times when people just don’t know enough about their household appliances to know something is wrong. They might never realize the warning signs, or they might think it’s something small. If you find out more about residential appliances, you can make small repairs yourself and keep them from turning into major repairs.

In fact, when a major home repair is required, you’re often going to realize that your appliance might need to simply be replaced. That’s no fun when you’re not expecting an expense like that. There are many electrical appliances in your home, and knowing the warning signs and troubleshooting steps might just save you money one day. Maybe that day is today.

Maybe you currently have an appliance that isn’t working. Were you about to run to the store when you thought better of it and decided to look online first? It could be that you find the steps you need to take to avoid having to visit the store.

Let’s talk more about those warning signs for a moment. You’re not just going to be looking at how your appliances are doing. You need to pay attention to your energy bill, too. If there are any dramatic changes, you need to figure out why. It could be that an appliance is working overtime right now just to do what you need it to do. Sooner or later, it will give out.

Don’t let this happen to the appliances in your home. You want to find out what is wrong and address the repair that needs to be made. I hope that you’re able to get your appliance repaired so that you don’t have to turn around and buy a new one!

Redo Your Kitchen Without the Hassle

Here’s Our Guide to Remodeling Any Kitchen Wisely

tips that can help you renovate your kitchen efficientlyWho can blame anyone for being too formulaic about kitchen layouts? After all, tried and tested kitchen designs have endured because they maximize efficiency and they have become a staple design to kitchen remodeling.

Come the 21st century however, and designers have begun experimenting with a host of fresh concepts in design, and function meets beauty too. It can be efficient AND chic if you know what you’re doing.

Check out some of these avant-garde kitchen ideas and see if remodeling a kitchen in this manner is up to your taste.

While wood is not the usual kitchen material due to safety reasons, modern approaches have made interesting suggestions over remodeling a kitchen –to a surprisingly pleasant result. This kitchen idea occupies only an entire length of the wall, a perfect solution to space conscious households. The wood choice is also a perfect approach to rustic homes or countryside settings. While wood is generally a more costly building material, the sparseness of the space and materials used should offset the choice of materials, thus equating to more savings.

Wood panels however, aren’t confined to a singular setting. Though the kitchen is more modern in approach, the oak wood panels instead exude elegance more than humble countryside setting. The countertops are decidedly vinyl, using wood as the material may be costly since wood is likely to get stained.

Tabletop integration is also a popular feature on modern approaches of remodeling a kitchen. Usually, these are shiny stone tabletops that are cut accordingly to accommodate an equally elegant glass or stainless steel sink. These remodeling approaches may even scrap typical island table designs since they can be designed in such a way that will also function as one.

Featuring heavily on stainless steel, gray granite to complement the steel, plus custom wood panels with dark finishes, and equally glossy tile flooring, all in all it makes a truly elegant design that takes comfortable presence in the 21st century.

Check the design, it sparsely occupies a length of space, yet it prominently broadcasts its kitchen characteristic with its lovely island table. Remodeling a kitchen can take on various approaches. The only limiting factor is as always, budget and space.