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recessed lightingsRecessed delights have become a hot trend in home design over the last decade or so. These are lights that are inset in such a way so that they provide light without the bulbs or holders being visible. It’s a very chic look that works great with modern house design, but it could be creating energy problems for some households.

When an HVAC service like air conditioning myrtle beach comes to a house to assess energy loss complaints and they see recessed lights, that is one of the first places they examine. They know from experience that recessed lights are usually placed in such a way that they encourage heat loss and drafts.
There is small opening in most recessed lights or where air can come and go as it pleases. Even those that are completely closed up have problems as well, as the layer between the ceiling and the roof or floor above must be made thinner to recess the lights. That can create gaps in the insulation and allow air to pass through as well. This creates an airflow problem that air conditioning in Myrtle Beach must deal with.
The HVAC specialist may be able to provide the necessary insulation for the recessed lights, but that can also be something a homeowner can do on their own. Still, it’s not a bad idea for them to call in an HVAC professional to assess their work and ensure that they are not losing any air out the recessed light fixture. While these lights can look very stylish and unique, they also come with their problems, and homeowners need to be aware of what those are.

An assessment by an experienced air conditioning Myrtle Beach expert or HVAC professional can help clear up any doubt a homeowner may have about their recessed lights. They should know for sure if they are experiencing any air loss through that space so that they can take care of the problem and start conserving energy. Even a small space like that can cost a homeowner lots of money over the year, and fixing it as soon as possible should be a priority.